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Maluda: Life in Jericho was like a Hollywood script


Groove award-winning rapper Eystone Aoko Mukubi, popularly known as Maluda, is back on the scene with a new release featuring rap heavyweight Scar Mkadinali. He is not new on the music scene as he won his first award alongside Juliani with their ground-breaking song titled Easy.

Their new single Uwezo an upbeat spiced track has a story behind it. “I wrote my song Uwezo when I had Covid-19. The song is two years old. I was bedridden and thought I would die. All I could ask was for strength. That’s why I named it so,” he explained

Born and bred in Nairobi, Maluda grew up in Jericho. Life was not easy as he constantly had to battle challenges. “Growing up in Jericho does not come without situations that can only resemble a Hollywood script,” he says.

One of the common scenarios in the estate was husband-wife quarrels, but this one particular day the script went a tad too far.

Domestic dispute

“We were hanging out with my friends and it seemed like a casual day. Everything was going on as normal. Suddenly, there was a commotion between my neighbour and his wife. We thought it was the usual husband and wife disagreement,” he says.

This time around, the husband did quite a number on his wife and left her for the worse. She resorted to calling her brother, a stone-cold criminal, who had served time in prison before escaping from Kamiti.

The furious no-nonsense brother answered the distress call almost immediately.

“He found his sister crying and decided to look for the brother-in-law. Upon finding him, he shot him in the leg before fleeing the scene,” he says.

Hours later, he was apprehended and taken to the police station but when his brother-in-law was asked to identify him, he was scared.

He told the police that that was not the person who had shot him despite the fact that there were several witnesses.

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