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Hidden reality of scaling up the corporate ladder

Career Tips
 Hidden realities of scaling up the corporate ladder (Photo: iStock)

We now boast of an almost equal command in the corporate spaces as men. The dream of the girl child is finally here. In 2018, Saudi, the most conservative of states took the bold step to repeal a section of their laws that for 30 years had barred women from driving cars.

That milestone alone, in an Islamic state, previously hostile to women is a landmark statement of conquest to underscore that women's growth has become a tsunami that no barricade can stall. Even the shackles of religion and culture that have been used to hold us back are now crumbling voluntarily.

Here at home, the two-third gender rule has given us more visibility in positions of political leadership hitherto preserved only for men. To the extent that educational exposure, religion, and constitutionalism back our journey to the top. There is a concern though, could it be that we are rushing things to please the public and excite the news feeds, yet in reality, there are spokes that have not quite smoothened out, as we would wish?

It is sad to note that behind the scenes, debate on our true abilities rages on and on with blots of doubt continuously popping up. The workplace is awash with theories of questionable paths of success taken by women to the top. It seems as if there is an overwhelming wave of confusion beneath what we project on the surface as authentic journeys of success.

These doubts affect the emerging generation recently thrust into the limelight to compete for spaces upon graduating from colleges with stellar academic records. The realization that men are still the ones firmly in the driving seat as far as decision-making is concerned is a major setback to the young females that set out with free spirit to claim a fair share of their right to work, earn and pay taxes.

While we would like to classify it as an absolute lie, many women still turn to their sex to wiggle their way through circumstances when the going gets tough. It is a culture buoyed by a vengeance from men who argue that their formative stages in breaking through the ranks are made tougher by the same rules of the jungle.

If we are going to preach water in public, we cannot be drinking wine with the devil in private and negotiating with the dark forces to be silent as we show off our corner office during the day.

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