Honey bees feeling cozy in concrete beehives
By Kelvin Ogega 24th Jun, 2022
Pollinator populations have crashed worldwide due to a variety of reasons, including pesticide and herbicide exposure, invasive pests and diseases, loss of habitat and a changing climate.

Cassava value added products
By Jennifer Anyango 24th Jun, 2022
Like potatoes and yams, cassava is a tuber crop. Its roots take a similar shape to sweet potatoes.

Farmers trained on disease and tsetse fly control
By Isaiah Gwengi 23rd Jun, 2022
The Ministry of Agriculture has embarked on sensitising and training farmers on disease and vector control.

EU Commission to cut pesticides by half in 2030
By Standard Reporter 23rd Jun, 2022
In recent years, there’s been an alarming drop in bee populations, which has stoked fears of an ensuing impact on crop production.

GMOs will help fix animal feeds issue, says lobby
By Rose Mukonyo 20th Jun, 2022
Globally, there is serious competition between animals and human for grains leading to a shortage of the same and rise in prices

What do you do when your animal dies mysteriously
By Dr. Paul R. N. Kangethe 20th Jun, 2022
Post-mortem for different animals is almost the same save for a few differences.