How to keep raw milk fresh and clean for the market
By Dr Paul Kang’ethe 28th Jul, 2020
The two most important conditions to maintain freshness are low temperature and good hygiene.

What is causing your chickens to lay soft-shelled eggs?
By Dr Paul Kang’ethe 24th Jul, 2020
At the first sign of soft-shelled eggs consider feeding your flocks more calcium dietary imbalance is the second most common cause.

Most common symptoms of retained placenta
By Dr Paul Kang’ethe 16th Jul, 2020
Placenta expulsion normally takes place within 3-8 hours after delivery of the calf.

Signs heartwater disease in ruminants and how to treat it
By Dr Paul Kang’ethe 09th Jul, 2020
Heartwater is an infectious, non-contagious disease of ruminants species.

How to control and prevent flatulence in your animals
By Dr Paul Kang’ethe 19th Jun, 2020
Severe bloat is an emergency and rapid action is required to save the animal's life

When your cow has too much gas
By Dr Paul Kang’ethe 17th Jun, 2020
A cow produces more than a thousand litres of gas daily


What you need to export bananas and broccoli to South Korea
By Nanjinia Wamuswa 17th May, 2021
Broccoli and banana farmers are now looking at expanded markets, including South Korea

How 28-year-old graduate runs thriving tree tomato farm in Meru
By Phares Mutembei 17th May, 2021
Former Economics student who ditched white-collar job for tree tomato farming in Meru county is now making a profit

CS Matiang'i warns former tea factory directors who refuse to leave office
By Paul Kangethe 17th May, 2021
Former tea factory directors have been cautioned against wrangles ailing smallholder factories and KTDA

30 Kenyans picked for fellowship to boost food systems in Africa
By Peter Theuri 17th May, 2021
The 30 Kenyans selected are expected to take part in projects that will go a long way toward boosting market access and food security

I overcame market stress to build poultry business
By Erastus Mulwa 14th May, 2021
Machakos woman rears chicken for commercial purposes after quitting maize farming

How ex-banker is making killing from ornamental birds
By Muriithi Mugo 12th May, 2021
Peter Musyoka stopped working at a bank and took up ornamental bird rearing which cost Sh60,000 each.