Soil mapping tool to help farmers boost yield
By Misheck Mwangi 19th Aug, 2022
Soil mapping, according to Dr Dongyu, will boost fertiliser usage especially with the rising prices.

Graduate makes digital tool to sharpen farmers
By Edwin Nyarangi 19th Aug, 2022
E-learning platform equips farmers from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds with ICT skills

Sweet products to squeeze from honey
By Jennifer Anyango 18th Aug, 2022
Kenya’s potential for apiculture development is estimated to be over 100,000 metric tonnes of honey

Beware of deadly poultry disease
By Dr Watson Messo 18th Aug, 2022
There is no known treatment against Fowl pox and the disease can only be prevented through vaccination.

Farmer finds sweeter aroma in dairy than tea
By Nikko Tanui 18th Aug, 2022
Growing napier grass has slashed the cost of producing a litre of milk from between Sh30-35 to Sh18.

Interested in the rabbit business? You do not need a lot of money
By Dr Paul Kang’ethe 15th Aug, 2022
The most popular breeds used in the meat industry are New Zealand White, California White, Flemish Giant, French Ear lop, Chinchilla and Dutch.