Push-pull technology vital in enhancing agricultural productivity
By Stephen Wakhu 24th Oct, 2021
Push-pull technology is one of the strategies that has been used to overcome these constraints in Western Kenya.

Food fortification success requires concerted effort
By Stephen Wakhu 30th Jun, 2021
The summit established a number of key achievements through the Kenya National Food Fortification Alliance.

Agricultural research is vital for sustainable food systems
By Stephen Wakhu 26th Apr, 2021
Dr. Eyhorn believes that to have sustainable agricultural research we need well-coordinated resources

Farmers use flying sensors to obtain vital information
By Stephen Wakhu 25th Aug, 2018
Using flying sensor technology, farmers can discover diseases on plants and stress indicators which are impossible to see with the naked eye


Why painting animals is serious welfare issue
By Dr Othieno Joseph 05th Dec, 2021
Animal welfare is a human responsibility that is enshrined in national and global laws. Religion also promotes animal welfare.

Why laws that touch on livestock matter
By Dr Othieno Joseph 02nd Dec, 2021
The ultimate goal is to restore order, ensure effective service delivery and protect the public from quacks.

Why fishing industry in Coast remains untapped
By Philip Mwakio 30th Nov, 2021
Kenya’s fisheries and aquaculture sector contribute approximately 0.54 per cent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

A cool urban farm idea for small gardens
By Marion Munyao 30th Nov, 2021
Another challenge with foodscaping is drought but it can be mitigated by regular watering and mulching.

Are you a youth? Join climate action now
By Hellen Miseda 28th Nov, 2021
The encouraging bit is that youth voices have been dominant at most environment forums.

'Forgotten' crops now hot cake
By Kauli Mwembe 28th Nov, 2021
Lemongrass is a herb that grows effortlessly in almost every homestead in the region