Tired of digging? Try no-dig style
By George Mbakahya 12th Oct, 2021
Digging and turning over the soil exposes a very delicate ecosystem to the air which dries it out

Get rid of onion diseases the easy way
By George Mbakahya 11th Oct, 2021
The disease causes leaf spotting and tip dieback, and can adversely affect the maturity and quality of the onion bulbs

Art of growing healthy ginger
By George Mbakahya 28th Sep, 2021
Lower temperatures would damage ginger by triggering dormancy and may kill the plant completely.

Try this option to stop caterpillars
By George Mbakahya 14th Sep, 2021
Studies have shown that using Bt in the garden is perfectly safe for humans.

Fastest way to make compost
By George Mbakahya 29th Aug, 2021
Hot composting is quite simple and requires a minimal amount of daily effort. Hot composting kills weed seeds and pathogens.

Six veggies that are ready in six weeks
By George Mbakahya 22nd Aug, 2021
Microgreens are sometimes confused with sprouts that are germinated seeds that are eaten root, seed, and shoot.


Anaplasmosis: disease that destroys red blood cells
By Dr Othieno Joseph 18th Oct, 2021
Anaplasmosis has characteristic postmortem lesions because the disease causes the destruction of red blood cells

Lack of seeds curtail uptake of Bt cotton
By Jennifer Anyango 18th Oct, 2021
In Busia, farmers decried the delay in the supply of the Bt cotton seeds.

Bees in crisis: Toxic insecticides a threat to food security
By Sponsored Content 18th Oct, 2021
Of critical concern is that these insecticides have been scientifically proven to negatively impact honey bees

Some strategies to help you minimize expenditure on feeds
By Dr. Othieno Joseph 17th Oct, 2021
Good records will help you to establish the feed intake required for optimal production.

Thriving model farm charms Wajir residents
By James Wanzala 17th Oct, 2021
Wajir is among the 23 Arid and Semi Arid (ASAL) counties, based on the relatively low amounts of annual rainfall received.

Agriculture sector yet to fully recover from Covid effects
By Antony Gitonga 17th Oct, 2021
Food experts who converged in Naivasha, Nakuru County, for the 5th EAFF annual conference