We should all be rabies ambassadors to eradicate killer disease
By Obadiah N. Njagi 28th Sep, 2021
World Rabies day is set aside to create awareness on rabies, a deadly viral zoonotic disease mainly spread to man through bites of infected dogs.


Why COP 26 is big deal and what it means for Kenya
By Hellen Miseda 14th Oct, 2021
The world is getting warm at an alarming rate because of fossil fuel emissions caused by human activity

CBC to apply nutrition, healthy eating through 4K Clubs
By Jael Mboga 13th Oct, 2021
KICD has said it is crucial to include hygiene and nutrition as part of the syllabus.

Tired of digging? Try no-dig style
By George Mbakahya 12th Oct, 2021
Digging and turning over the soil exposes a very delicate ecosystem to the air which dries it out

Yes, deworming can kill animal if not done well
By Dr Othieno Joseph 12th Oct, 2021
During difficult birth, calves can also absorb fluids in the birth orally and develop inhalation pneumonia.

Get rid of onion diseases the easy way
By George Mbakahya 11th Oct, 2021
The disease causes leaf spotting and tip dieback, and can adversely affect the maturity and quality of the onion bulbs

Tomatoes stress forces farmer to turn to bees
By Eric Abuga 11th Oct, 2021
Swanya says he had spent more than Sh10 million as capital investment