Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Faith Odhiambo has impressed Kenyans by fighting tirelessly over the ongoing protests triggered by the hugely unpopular Finance Bill
Evangeline Muli was the first African Chief Commissioner of the Kenya Girl Guides Association and saw the country evolve from independence to date
When Bilha Mucuha started working, she was motivated by earning money, later promotions, then accolades, today she is encouraged by impact
Ojoma Ochai is the Managing Director of Co-Creation Hub (CC-Hub), a technology and Innovation Center with technology hubs across the continent, including iHub in Kenya
The award-winning singer-songwriter weaves traditional and contemporary Kenyan sounds into vibrant, soulful pop
Njambi Koikai was well known for her love of reggae and for having battled endometriosis for 17 years
Mexico has turned a historic page with the election of Claudia Sheinbaum as its first female president in a landslide victory
Women are making a mark and redefining agriculture by sowing seeds of empowerment while cultivating crops
Margaret Atieno Ogola was among Kenya’s most renowned authors. She was also a paediatrician, a health administrator, and human rights activist
Professor Jane Ambuko tells us about her career in the university spanning over 20 years and how she led a team that delivered the first fresh produce and aggregation hub in the country
Blige is using her platform to give back to the community that supported her beginnings
Achieving Woman
By Fay Ngina May. 6, 2024
Damima Duffield is the Kenya Rugby League Federation (KRLF) team manager and handles both the men’s and women’s team
Partnering with Pepsi, Blige is launching the "Strength of a Woman Festival and Summit" to empower and educate underserved women in Yonkers
Achieving Woman
By Fay Ngina Apr. 30, 2024
A trailblazer in the film industry, Ruth Maingi, a Kenyan film producer and actor is making waves in the US
Many dream of leaving a mark in life and their environment, but few do. Suzie Wokabi is one of the few
Their delicate job entails making life or death decisions everyday, and they do it with bravery
Rejected by her father and bullied at school, life with vitiligo has not been easy for Julie Nasuju, but she refuses to let it get her down
Beatrice Malika has dedicated her life to providing a home and education to the less privileged children living in the slums
Being a female pilot is not for the faint of heart. A few narrate their journey and experiences
The life of Grace Haukwa is about conquering mountains, making her an agent of ‘every woman can do it’. She is a model, cultural dancer, producer, artiste manager and devoted mother
Engineer Florah Kamanja, who has a red belt in Taekwondo is one of the few female engineers in Kenya, who make up 14 per cent of the total number of engineers in the country
Women have established themselves in every field they get into. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, they give a good account of themselves. One area that women are excelling at is in comedy
At least 25 women and youth from 24 African countries have undergone digital literacy training facilitated by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).
Achieving Woman
By Mike Kihaki Mar. 9, 2024
Art therapy enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative processes and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship
In response to the alarming increase in femicide cases across the country, gender-based-violence activist Dr Sharon Okubo has launched a self-defence programme for women
Wawira Njiru is the founder and executive director of Food for Education, an organization aimed at eradicating childhood hunger in Africa, one hot and nutritious meal at a time
At 21 years old, the South-African star Tyla has the world dancing to her hit track, Water
This year has seen women win on many fronts, and become trailblazers who not only hold leadership positions but also wield significant influence in various sectors. Here are some who stand out
She is an influencer with a doctor of philosophy degree and works as a civil servant when she’s not making waves on her social media pages
The all women team has become a fixture at the annual Rhino Charge, having been at it for 10 years, and now their daughters are joining them
Dorothy Caroline Mabunde, a nurse cum research scientist from Butere is on the forefront in giving hope to children living with HIV and Sickle Cell Disease
Women are known to have good decision-making and communication skills, just ask Esther Waringa
Achieving Woman
By Beryl Ringos Nov. 26, 2023
Joy Mugambi had a tough upbringing that almost made her lose hope of ever making it in life. But today she is a doctor and a gospel artiste. Here's her story
Esther Omam, a Cameroonian human rights defender is among three winners who have been selected as the 2023 Global Pluralism Award recipients