Paps Wanyugi, 39, wife, and mother of two was once a suicidal teen, now she is a coach transforming her clients into the best version of themselves
"It's all about finding your place and I found mine in VDJ hosting a TV show. When it comes to my career in law, I have found my place in land matters and that is how I do it"
From teen mum to award-winning actress, Esther Kahuha is a motivation to young women to follow their passion she talks about her acting journey
They balance athletics careers, motherhood and family bonds win international championships, and unite Kenyans amidst economic and political turmoil. This squad needs no introduction
Dr Sharon Okubo is not your ordinary model. She is a supermodel gracing the world’s most enviable fashion shows
Caren Wakoli has always wanted to know why we have inequality in life, why others are rich and others poor, and the role leadership play in all this
Dr Dorcas Magai empowers the youth to be in charge of their mental health. Her research on mental health unearthed worrying statistics
For those who know Alexandra, fencing is more than just a career. She represented Germany for 15 years before switching her allegiance to her motherland, Kenya
As a female pilot from a marginalised community, Aysha Morowa has broken stereotypes to become a trailblazer, motivating young girls to pursue their dreams
Winfred Bwire, known by many as Dida from her role in the hit TV series 'Sultana' talks about her journey with cancer
Lauren James is the star of the week. She is in great form and is the player to watch at the ongoing Women's World Cup
For Kenyans of a certain age, just hearing the words, “Mateso ya roho, umenivunja moyo…” is enough to bring back a nostalgic flood of memories
Ann Kariuki started her own tamarind business after quitting employment back in 2018
Achieving Woman
By Rosa Agutu Jul. 25, 2023
Today, many women have come onto the scene and are going toe to toe with the men. Now, the instrumentalist world truly "wouldn't be nothing without a woman or a girl"
The pain of losing her mother at an early age and later a friend set Ann Njoki on the path to becoming a mortician, to give families what she didn't get, empathy
Azziad Nasenya emerged as a shining star in 2020, a time when most companies and businesses faced dark times
Newcomer Vanessa Okeyo is having the time of her life playing the role of Sinde Lang’at, the lead character in Showmax’s telenovela ‘Second Family’
Achieving Woman
By Eve Writer Jun. 24, 2023
Country Queen placed Kiplagat at the peak of her career. Working with Netflix was her goal and she accomplished it
Rachel Stephanie Akinyi, aka Spontaneous The Poet's content highlights issues the society is facing, with a call to action
Vicky Karuga is a jack of all trades. She is an emotional intelligence facilitator, trainer and practitioner
Dreaming is a hobby to Susan Kaittany and actualising dreams is the talent. She has accomplished her dreams over the years fearlessly and unapologetically
Dr Catherine Nyongesa who now sits as the Founder of Kenya’s biggest cancer facility did not think that her background would propel her to a place of power
Lilian Seenoi-Barr, who hails from Narok Kenya, has made history as the first black person to be elected into public service in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Phanice Favour wears many hats despite being born with a disability, which she didn’t let stand in the way of her success
Believing that Kenya is ready for digital integration, Anne Mwangi, sales, marketing, and agency operations manager challenges more women to embrace the digital world
Achieving Woman
By Beryl Ringos May. 27, 2023
Legendary singer Tina Turner has died at the age of 83. The music icon whose career has spanned over five decades was known for her powerful voice and electrifying performances
Achieving Woman
By Lolita Bunde May. 25, 2023
Obstetrician and gynaecology doctor Dr Pallavi Mishra, fondly Known as just Pallavi, is a remarkable woman. She has dedicated her life to unravelling the mysteries of infertility
Achieving Woman
By Gilda Naibei May. 14, 2023
Lucy is a chemical engineer with soft skills in the arts, which is a combination she says blends well for her in her professional and personal life.
There is something poverty does to you! This is a common phrase, and, Dr. Lilian Gogo used these exact words to describe what propelled her to where she is today
Former award-winning secular musician Cecilia Wairimu, better known as Amani, talks about her transition to the church, marriage and motherhood
Eunice Achieng, popularly known for her YouTube channel ‘Achiengshow’ agrees that her show was majorly inspired by something that happened to a close friend of hers