Good news for female teachers in laptops, insurance deal

From Left: Kadri Humal-Ayal, Honorary Consul of Estonia with Benta Opande, CEO of Kenya Women Teachers Association (KEWOTA). [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

Present at the event were representatives from TSC and Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA).

KESSHA national chairman Kahi Indimuli said that with the initiative, teaching will be made easier.

He noted that during the Covid-19 pandemic, learning was conducted through mobile phones and when learning resumed, these gadgets were banned in institutions. ''The schools were on the phones, we were sending content on the phones, but immediately we opened schools we told them no phones and if found it became a case of indiscipline."

"We have to start looking for gadgets that can be used in schools by students and be able to lock any sides that we feel students are not supposed to communicate,'' Indimuli said.

Kadri Humal, CEO Estonian Consulate, said her organization has offered capacity building to publishers to digitalise interactive content and avail them on OPiQ.

She urged all publishers to come on board since it provides an opportunity for capacity building for the digitalization of content.

Humal said: ''It's great to now have digital learning content from the Kenyan curriculum available and on devices that teachers can afford. This will enable teachers to interact with learners easily. There is no way CBC can succeed without technology,'' Humal said.

She said teachers will have a lot of liberty in how they teach provided they arrive at the desired learning outcome.

Opande said teachers will be allowed to use the contents in the laptops for the next three years free of charge.

Non-members will however be able to access the content at Sh10,000 while learners can register and access the same at Sh3,000.

''The world is going digital and we must make sure that the CBC that we are training our teachers and children with can help them earn a living after school by acquiring the skills of the 20th century,'' she added.