From 113 KCPE marks to B plain: List of most improved students

Education CS George Magoha releasing 2021 KCSE results on April 23, 2022 at the KNEC Headquarters in Nairobi.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha on Saturday, April 23 congratulated some eight students who turned around their low KCPE grades.

Magoha commended the eight during the release of the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam results.

The minister revealed the identities and marks of the upbeat learners at the Kenya National Examinations Headquarters (KNE) on Dennis Pritt Road, Nairobi.

The most outstanding candidate, Najma Mohammed Hassan, scored 113 marks in the 2016 KCPE, but quickly turned around the poor grade into a score worth special mention.

Hassan, a student from Mandera County, got a mean grade of B (plain) in the 2021 KCSE exam.

Below is a list of students who CS Magoha hailed as the most-improved in the 2021 KCSE candidate class:

Najma Mohammed Hassan: 113 KCPE marks; B (plain) in 2021 KCSE – Banisa Mixed Secondary School, Mandera County

Okoth Cindy Adhiambo: 165 KCPE marks; B- (minus) in 2021 KCSE – Sigoti Complex Girls’ Secondary School, Kisumu County

Njoroge Kelvin Mwangi: 207 KCPE marks; B (plain) in 2021 KCSE – Jehovah Jire Secondary School, Nairobi County

Maina Humphrey Mwangi: 211 KCPE marks; B (plain) in 2021 KCSE– Gathiruini Secondary School, Kiambu County

Kituku Simon Mavii: 221 KCPE marks; B (plain) in 2021 KCSE – Kambusu ABC Secondary School, Machakos County

Shwawiza Isaac: 242 KCPE marks; B (plain) in 2021 KCSE – Makuchi Secondary School, Vihiga County

Mbilo Bonface Wambua: 241 KCPE marks; B (plain) in 2021 KCSE – Njukini Mixed Secondary School, Taita Taveta County

Cheptoo Sharon: 267 KCPE marks; A- (minus) in 2021 KCSE – Lelu Secondary School, Kericho County

Grades distribution

In the topmost grades (B+ and above), more male learners were represented than their female counterparts.

One thousand one hundred and thirty-eight (1,138) candidates scored A (plain) in the 2021 KCSE exam.

Out of this number, 349 were female and 789 were male.

Under the A-(minus) category, 2,154 female candidates scored the second-best grade, while male learners were 3,819.

Under the B+(plus) category, 5,199 female learners scored the third-best grade, while 8,264 male candidates scored the grade.

The total number of students who scored B (plain) were 25,045; B- (minus), 39,683; C+ (plus), 59,843; C (plain), 81,345; C- (minus), 51,213; D+ (plus), 58,506; D (plain) 73,909; D- (minus), 93,466; and E, 19,573.