Envoy has said it as it is

Ambassador Martin Kimani, Kenya's Permanent representative to the UN. [Courtesy, Standard]

Kenya's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Martin Kimani, has won global accolades for calling out Russia for its unjustified invasion of Ukrainian space.

Russia President Vladmir Putin recently broke protocol by recognising Donetsk and Luhansk, two separatist states of the Ukraine and moved Russian troops into their territory.

Ukraine is an independent country whose sovereignty must be respected. Since Ukraine's declaration of independence in 1991, it has existed independently of Russia for over 30 years. Thus, the Ukrainian government has every right to choose its friends without undue influence from Russia.

Putin appears aggrieved that Ukraine is inclined to join NATO, an occurrence he cannot countenance on the lame excuse that Ukraine is part of Russia. The international community should speak boldly like Mr Kimani and prevail upon Putin to pull out of Ukraine.

The Standard
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