Stop encroaching Tawakal farm, MP warns

Umelkher Harun speaking at a past function. [Courtesy]

A nominated Member of Parliament has warned leaders who are encroaching on the contentious Tawakal farm to desist such actions.

Ummelkheir Harun, Nominated MP from the Azimio la Umoja coalition said these actions are bound to build new tensions over ownership of the farm that lies on the border of Tana River and Garissa counties

Harun who visited the farm today said some unknown people had recently attempted to invade the farm and accused area Governor Hussein Dado for engineering the plot to grab the land from its true owners who are local residents of Tawakal.

The governor had earlier dismissed claims he is part of the people creating tensions over the land saying Tana River has been a victim of invasions from all its neighbouring counties

Last week the MP accompanied security personnel led by Ijara Deputy County Commissioner Mr Wachira Champton, where she said that Tawakal farm was acquired through cooperative societies as early as 1973 and that farmers from Tana River County should not claim ownership.

"How can people from another county claim the Tawakal farm yet it is adjacent to the Ijara Deputy County commissioner's office at Masalani town Ijara sub, Garissa County," said Harun.

She commended Mr Wachira and his security team for guarding the pipes and tools the unscrupulous farmers wanted to use to excavate the land.

Wachira on his part reiterated that the Tawakal farm was a cooperative farm that belonged to residents of Masalani town and asked the members to make use of it saying it is an arable land and if utilized through irrigation it can enhance food security in the area and also uplift the members economically.

Masalani youth leader Abdullahi Abdi, Jamal Hussein, and Mohamed Abdilley among others spoke on the importance of planting crops on the land using irrigation pointing out that their forefathers under the chairmanship of Shall Dagane sacrificed to buy the land in 1973 and therefore should be developed to help the youth advance economically.

The youths pledged to work with the nominated MP Ummelkheir Harun in the development of the area.