Be focused on your studies, Embu University VC warns first-year students

University of Embu Vice-Chancellor Daniel Mugendi during a past event. [Joseph Muchiri, Standard]

University of Embu Vice-Chancellor Daniel Mugendi has warned the more than 3, 000 first-year students joining the institution from engaging in irresponsible behaviour that may cost them their education.

The university has received the highest number of first-year students at 2,780 for bachelor's degree courses, 916 for diploma and certificate courses, and 17 for post-graduate studies making a total of 3,641 with males constituting 54 per cent.

Speaking during a matriculation ceremony for the first-year students, Prof Mugendi advised the students to take their academic work seriously.

"Learn how to balance your academics and social life, otherwise you will find yourself stressed, disorganised and frustrated all the time," said Prof Mugendi.

Prof Mugendi noted that the biggest challenge is when students think they have a lot of time and fail to plan well.

"Some of you go to class, take notes and fail to study only to trans-night when the exams have been announced, this will not work in university," said Prof Mugendi.

He reminded them that they are subject to the laws of the land and the University will not hesitate to hand them over to the relevant law enforcement agencies if they get involved in any criminal activities while at the University.

"You may eventually find yourself engaged in irresponsible and unprotected sexual relationships, this will definitely interfere with your studies. You might find yourself entangled in unplanned pregnancies, prostitution, a web of sponsors or even lose your life in the process if you don't take caution," the VC warned.

The VC advised the students to manage their upkeep money properly by avoiding costly habits adding that some students drink away their money, engage in gambling and only realise when it's too late.

Mugendi said many young people have become addicted to drugs to the extent that they are unable to attend their lessons, leading to academic failure.

"Observe academic integrity at all times, as examination cheating is punished by expulsion from the university," said Prof Mugendi.

He advised them to embrace diversity and make new friendships that foster national peace and unity.

Prof Mugendi, who is also the chair of the Vice-Chancellors' Committee, urged the students to apply for government funding as soon as they can to avoid being locked out when the funding portal closes.

He observed that students who were experiencing difficulties logging into the portal and completing the application process should seek assistance from their respective IT departments.