We shall not sympathise with rogue pastors, CS Kindiki says

The CS observed that the government will prioritise recommendations of the taskforce on how to handle rogue clergies including removal from office and being barred from holding any public office in the future.

"We have decided that there must be accountability, we will ensure that we punish those who killed our people in a cruel, degrading and inhuman manner, they must be visited with the worst form of punishment that is available in our law books," he said.

He said the government intends to make further arrests and have zeroed in on the second and third tier of collaborators to the main perpetrators of the Shakahola deaths.

"We will prosecute them with the worst crimes possible including genocide and terrorism".

The CS said President William Ruto has established a commission of enquiry consisting of high-level judiciary, which will look at the shakahola incident, to come up with circumstantial material that can help the DPP net more people, help him in investigations, and get accountability of all involved.

He warned that no resistance and opposition will stop the government from reigning on rogue clergy and people hiding in religion.

"Those threatening us that they know God more than us let them know we also know God to some level and no one has copyright or patent to God.

The CS stated that government pathologists are concluding the post mortem process for 110 bodies, and will resume the exhumation exercise on Monday.