The foetus died three days before, Mama Lucy Hospital reacts to viral video of woman delivering

Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital. [File, Standard]

Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital has responded to a viral video of an expectant woman almost delivering at the entrance but denied entry into the facility.

The facility says the patient showed up carrying a dead foetus.

In a statement on Monday afternoon, the hospital says the expectant mother complained of lower abdominal pains and that she had experienced an Intra Uterine Foetal Death.

“The expectant mother complained of lower abdominal pains radiating to the back with increased intensity. The patient also complained that she could not feel regular baby movements. The Doctor on call immediately recommended an ultrasound to validate the lack of foetal heartbeat,” the statement reads in part.

“The medical team and counselors at the Mama Lucy Kibaki informed the patient and her relatives of the ultrasound results which revealed that the baby was already dead. The Ultrasound scan results came back revealing that the patient had experienced an Intra Uterine Foetal Death (IUFD) at 38wks 5days,”

The hospital has identified the woman captured on camera as a 26-year-old and a resident of Njiru.

According to the hospital’s communique, the unidentified woman went for medical attention on Saturday at 3:20 pm, accompanied by her relatives.

“At 7:20 pm the patient who was already in labor delivered a macerated (shows skin and soft tissue changes- skin discoloration/darkening, redness, peeling and breakdown) stillbirth male infant with a birth weight of 2,600 grams,”.

However, the facility regrets the events before the delivery saying ‘We feel that she could have been handled better’.

“While there have been improvements in the handling of patients and the level of customer service at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, a lot remains to be done and has been lined up by the County Government,” the hospital says.

On Monday morning, there was an uproar online after the video of a woman giving birth in the corridors of Mama Lucy Hospital emerged.

Unestablished reports show that she had allegedly been denied entry to the maternity ward by the watchman.

Mama Lucy Hospital has been in the limelight for a number of reasons, key among them mistreatment of patients.