Plight of families displaced by insecurity in Samburu

Samburu Senator Steve Lelegwe, who accompanied the governor, pleaded with the national government to supply food and provide shelter for the families.

Christine Lenaboyo, who was displaced, blamed a neighbouring community for perpetrating violence against the Samburu people.

"Our children and the elderly are in a pathetic situation. They are sleeping in the cold yet they have homes, mattresses and blankets. We need help!" she pleaded with the government.

Another displaced person, Beatrice Lesiamito, said they have nothing to eat.

Authorities in the region were not keen to comment on the matter, saying they have already informed their bosses about the challenges the displaced persons are facing.

"The National government is aware of the situation on the ground. We give updates every day, and we hope the situation facing them would soon be addressed," said Samburu County Commissioner Henry Wafula.

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