Steps that will be followed in handing over power from Uhuru Kenyatta to William Ruto

The Act establishes a 20-member Assumption of the Office of President committee, with the Secretary to the Cabinet being the chairperson.

The Act was enacted to stop hurried assumption of office, as happened after the contested 2007 General that saw President Mwai Kibaki, now deceased, sworn in at dusk.

Once the final results of the August 9 presidential election were announced on August 15, it became the duty of the Committee to ensure that Dr Ruto and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, are accorded adequate security.

With the Supreme Court verdict on Monday, September 5, affirming Dr Ruto's win, here are the next steps:

1. The Assumption of the Office of President Committee will ensure Ruto starts receiving security briefings from the respective national security organs.

2. Committee will then pick the venue for the swearing-in of Ruto. This must be within Nairobi city and in a place that allows a public ceremony.

3. Committee will then gazette the date and place for the swearing-in ceremony and declare that date a public holiday

4. The Inspector-General of the National Police Service will ensure the provision of adequate security during the swearing-in ceremony

5. During the swearing-in ceremony, Ruto will take an oath which will be administered to him by the Chief Registrar before the Chief Justice or Deputy Chief Justice. The oath has to happen between 10am and 2pm.

6. Ruto will then sign a certificate of inauguration in the presence of the Chief Justice or the Deputy Chief Justice.

7. The outgoing President Kenyatta will then hand over to Ruto a sword and the Constitution, which are the instruments of power and authority.

8. Deputy President-elect, Mr Gachagua, will then take oath for the execution of the functions of the office of Deputy President.

9. The new President, Ruto, will take to the podium and give his inauguration speech to the nation.

[Source: Assumption of Office of the President Act, 2012 / Standard Checkpoint]