Susan Kihika's full tray as she takes helm of newest city

During the campaigns, Kihika accused Kinyanjui of building many hospitals that were poorly equipped, understaffed and lacked medical supplies.

"Once elected, I shall ensure the hospitals are properly staffed and those on contracts placed on a permanent and pensionable basis. We shall have enough medicine for all," Kihika promised.

Stakeholders in the transport sector are also optimistic that her administration will bring them back to the town center after the outgoing administration evicted them three years ago.

Kihika also has a task of ensuring that her administration does not report budget rollovers at the end of financial years if her fight with Kinyanjui over the matter is anything to go by.

The senator has kept the outgoing governor on toes for the last three years for posting budget rollovers amounting to billions of shillings at the close of the previous financial years.

With an average annual budget of Sh18 billion, Kihika will have to strike a balance on development and recurring expenditure with the county's wage bill currently standing at over Sh6 billion.

"Kihika will have a smooth time in the office. She has numbers in the county assembly, a senator and most MPs from her own party in her support," said Andrew Nyabuto, a political commentator.

Nyabuto however says that the Senator will have to fight the temptations of unfairly rewarding those surrounding her as she will be in the public spotlight.

"She enjoyed the support of well-connected persons who if seen directly benefiting from her administration will attract deep scrutiny. We wish her success," said Nyabuto.

Daniel Murugu, a civil rights activist says that the residents have their eyes on her especially on the ongoing projects some of which she was against.

"She supported the elevation of Nakuru City at the last minute. We expect her to support the ongoing upgrade of the new city without jeopardizing what Kinyanjui started," said Murugu.

Bishop Mike Brawan of Metro Church noted that the governor-elect should ensure she has a good working relationship with the county assembly to avoid lagging in development plans.

"We are hopeful that she will jointly work with the ward reps to avoid fights that may stop her from implementing projects. She should avoid wrangles at all cost to match and supersede the record set by Kinyanjui," said Brawan.

He added that she is duty bound to prove the capability of women leadership in such senior positions.