David Mwaure casts vote, calls for unity

Agano Party Presidential Candidate David Mwaure has cast his vote.

Mwaure arrived at his polling station in Upper Hill, Nairobi at around 7:25 am on Tuesday, August 9.

He expressed confidence that the voting process would go in his favor.

"While God gives us leaders, he uses us to choose them, so your presence will be fulfilling a divine mandate. You prayed, and God will answer your prayers today," he said.

Mwaure also urged Kenyans to remain united during and after the elections.

"I am excited, I feel like I can fly. I am optimistic about voting as a new person and as a new presidential candidate. I am looking forward to a new and bright future. There is hope for this country," he said moments after casting his vote.

"I have already cast my vote and it's an exciting experience to know I am exercising my constitutional rights and to come and seek this opportunity where I can carry on with my agenda to turn Kenya round and to take Kenya where it should have been. I am excited, I felt like I can fly."