Immerse yourself into the Metaverse


The term ‘Metaverse’ is arguably the most commonly used in the virtual world these days. In the Metaverse, people have been buying and selling houses, and others have held phoney weddings, but this nonexistent virtual world is proving to be a great hit in the game business.

Since it effortlessly mixes gaming, virtual reality, crypto-currencies, and social media, gamers can travel through an ecosystem of competing products, while making items, selling or even buying them.

Some games have been specifically designed for such a setting, and some of the most notable are:

Axie Infinity

This is an Ethereum-based non-fungible token game. The game allows one to collect and mint NFTs that symbolise digital pets called Axies, which they may breed, nurture, gather, and trade. You may edit over 500 body components on each pet. NFTs provide value to the virtual pets and other objects in this game.


Here one uses, MANA cryptocurrency. As a player, you can create avatars, buy wearables, and acquire real estate in this virtual space consisting of over 90,000 land parcels. As a landowner, you can rent out lots in form of houses, hotels, parks, cinemas and casinos. Another way of making a killing is by the fact that one can actually organise concerts and sell tickets like the case of an ordinary concert.


The Sandbox is a Metaverse game built on Ethereum that allows players to purchase virtual land and personalise it with playable games and activities. Sand is the principal money in the Sandbox. One may buy and sell land and estates (a group of lands) on the Sandbox map. You have the option of selling these properties on the Open Sea NFT marketplace.

Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance is an on-chain role-playing and strategy game in a fantasy setting with NFTs. Here you have to file up to eight characters in your team per round. To raise your winning opportunity, you should determine the best players and arm them with the best weapons.

My Neighbour Alice

In the multi-player builder game, you can own and cultivate virtual farming plots or even islands stewarded by Alice. The game flow allows players to select crops to cultivate and livestock to breed, as well as engage with other players. You can also make a living by running an apiary or bee farm and selling honey later. The NFTs accrued in this game are tradable on the Alice marketplace and other blockchains.

Alien Worlds

This is an NFT Metaverse where you can play with unique digital items (NFTs). The official currency for this game is called Trilium. Players stake Trilium to planets to vote in the upcoming Planetary elections, as well as to increase the Planet’s reward pool. The game has been described as the largest decentralised game on earth

Farmers World

Like on a normal farm, you can buy land to mine gold, grow crops, breed livestock, catch fish, and build homes for your farm animals. You can buy tools on the AtomicHub market. Everything on your virtual property and the goods that come out of it, including milk and eggs, are NFTs. The produce you harvest can be sold or traded to other players.


The goal of this multiplayer economic strategy game set in the 19th century is to obtain gold in order to turn it into the official game currency, Prospectors Gold. You start the game with three workers, which you can use to work for yourself or for others.

To begin with, your workers can construct a mine for you and begin mining. You can mine on public property for free, but you will need to rent land to construct constructions. Unpaid rent will result in the land being seized and your things being auctioned off.