Autopsy: Journalist Gatonye Gathura was strangled using computer cable

Veteran journalist Gatonye Gathura [Courtesy]

A post mortem conducted on the body of seasoned journalist Gatonye Gathura has now revealed that he was killed through strangulation.

It was conducted at Naivasha sub-county hospital mortuary by Dr Titus Ngulungu who revealed that Gatonye was strangled using a computer charging cable and his assailant(s) hit him on the back of his head with a blunt object.

The results of the autopsy indicated that the deceased suffered a painful death before the body was dumped near Naivasha town.

The family of the health and science writer who were at the mortuary called for justice, noting that he would be laid to rest on Thursday in the family’s home in Limuru.

According to Dr Ngulungu, a government pathologist, Gatonye died from lack of air after the killers used the wire to strangle him.

He added that the body could have stayed for up to one week on the scene before it was found by members of the public and collected by police.

“The report clearly indicates that the victim was murdered using a wire and there is an injury at the back of the head inflicted by a blunt object,” he said.


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