Why some people want your marriage to fail

1. To have the spouse that you have

Your spouse will be attractive because of the work you have put in him/her. Loved up people look very well kept and some people will want your marriage to fail to take your spot.

2. They don't believe in love

People who don't believe in love will want your marriage to fail to prove themselves right. When you are happy, they will say you are faking it. When you two thrive, they say you are showing off. When you look good together, they look for anything negative to say.

3. Bitter people don't want you happy

Some people are hurt and cannot stand you being happy in marriage. How dare you have a healthy marriage yet they are broken? Don't mind them, they need to take responsibility for their hurt and let you and your spouse enjoy the marriage you both have nurtured.

4. You remind them of what they are not doing right

Some people know they are part of the problem in their marriage. They see you working on your marriage and you remind them of how lazy they are at working on theirs, so they want yours to fail so that you join them. These people give bad marriage advice.

5. You remind them of what they did wrong

You make them regret the mess they made that costed them their marriage. Some of such people want yours to fail too because they are still bitter, they will easily help you look for faults in your marriage.

6. They are selfish and want to be the only one who have a good marriage

Some people feel entitled to blessings. They want to be the only one with happy marriages so when your marriage is very healthy, they will belittle it saying "Not as healthy as mine". These people want your marriage to fail or to be average so that they be the only ones who seem to be enjoying marriage. So selfish. Most of these people are actually unhappy in theirs but obsessed with winning the "Happy couple" award.

7. They are jealous of your success as a couple

Some will see that doors have opened for you two sooner and bigger than theirs. You two own your own house, you travel the world, you look blessed, you have joy in your home but they sneer at all these. They speak about you two with some sarcasm and spite. It's not your fault you two have been blessed the way you have.

8. They are jealous of how other people celebrate you

Some people are offended by how the public celebrates your love. These people hate it when you two are mentioned as a couple, they gossip about you, when others see any good in you they list all your faults as a couple. Perhaps they prefer if they were the ones being celebrated.

9. They have been single for too long and are frustrated

Some people are single and frustrated so they look at you as a constant reminder of what they don't have. As they hate on your love, they actually want to have the kind of love that you have. Forgive them, one day they will find their own love to be proud of.

10. They want your marriage to copy theirs

Some people think that how they do their marriage is the only way to do marriage, they are convinced that they have the blueprint of love and you should copy them. If you don't copy them, they silently wish your marriage to fail in order to prove them right and teach you a lesson. These people fail to realize that each couple is uniquely different and that there is a difference between principles of love and patterns of love. Principles of love are the same for every couple; teamwork, communication, forgiveness, trust but patterns differ from couple to couple. Find your own patterns and journey as a couple.

11. They are looking for something juicy

Some people are ever eager to talk about other people's marriages and business in negative light, they can't wait for a bad story about your marriage to start talking. Don't mind them, people will always talk.

12. They thrive in chaos

Some people thrive in chaos, everywhere they go they must destroy. These people make the worst friends. If you give them room in your home or marriage they will ruin it and walk away pretending they don't know what went wrong. Protect your marriage from such.

© Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech

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