Boniface Mwangi makes three demands to IG Mutyambai on traffic rules

Vocal activist Boniface Mwangi on Thursday, February 6, 2020, made three demands to Police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai with respect to road traffic rules.

Through a letter seen by Ureport, Mwangi wrote to request for information on the right of way to be used in traffic and the use of the wrong side.

In the letter, the activist explained that there is confusion which he felt was caused by motorists using the wrong side of the road and asked for clarity from the police boss.

In June 2019, the activist also uploaded a video of him blocking another government entourage driving on the wrong side.

When one of the bodyguards alighted and asked him to give way, Boniface refused saying that they were driving on the wrong side.

In his caption, Boniface said that he only gives way to ambulances and fire engines.

“I only give way to ambulances and fire engines. I block entitled civil servants and politicians who love to use sirens to avoid traffic.”

“As a taxpayer, l expect the people in these big cars to follow the law and work towards solving the perennial traffic jams.” Said Boniface.