Starting out? Tips from an audit consultant

Mr. Mohsin Turabali Adamjee, co-founder Audit plus Chartered Accountants


NAIROBI, KENYA: In June 2018, Mohsin Turabali Adamjee came to the realisation that he wanted to quit employment in favour of his own venture.

And not because of money, he was earning a decent figure. “I realised I needed freedom to employ skills and ideas that my employer would have otherwise suppressed,” says the accountant.

Mr. Mohsin is a CPA (K) and ACCA (UK) and is an award winner of top youngest Chartered Accountant in Kenya by ACCA.

Mr. Mohsin specialises in Auditing, Tax consultancy both domestic and international and financial consulting in a range of areas.

In 2018 together with a partner Shabbir Maloo, an ex-Group General Manager Finance and administration for East African produce Kenya/Kakuzi, they registered Audit plus Chartered Accountants, a tax consultancy and audit firm after quitting job at a top international audit firm.

Today, the consultancy has surpassed expectations to become a successful mid-sized audit firm.

Mohsin shares tips on how he approached entrepreneurship to achieve success.

Overcoming procrastination

There are many ways to avoid failure in life but the most sure-fire just might be procrastination. Procrastinators sabotage their success and make obstacles for themselves in their life. However as with all habits it is possible to overcome procrastination. Some tips to get over procrastination include, recognising that you are procrastinating  and some signs that you might be procrastinating include, filling your day with low priority tasks, leaving an item on your To-Do list for a long time, even though it's important, waiting to be in the ‘right mood’ to finish the task.

Starting off to be different

At Audit Plus Chartered Accountants our motto is Going Beyond Numbers. On that motto in all our services we look at ways on not just doing the number crunching for our clients but also on how we can add value to our clients.

3. Focusing on the vision

Our firm believes that no matter how good the company strategy is if you’re not skilled at what you do the strategy won’t take you far. We spend a lot of resources on training both for the partners and the staff so that they are always up to date with the latest regulations as well as equipped with the necessary skills to help us achieve our motto going beyond Numbers.

5. Building client relationships

We believe Client is the King and we serve our clients like a King or a Queen even when they do not know what they truly deserve or ask for it.