I am tired of supporting cowards, Atwoli tells Mudavadi and Wetangula

COTU boss Francis Atwoli addressing mourners during the burial service of the late former activist Ken Wafula at his Seregeya home in Soy, Likuyani on Feb 2nd, 2018. [Photo/Chrispen Sechere].

The Western base of NASA co-principals Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetang’ula feels let down, following the leaders' no-show at the Tuesday's 'swearing in' of Raila Odinga.

And the once loyal lieutenants of the general are slowly falling by the side after an apparent betrayal to the cause.

“I called Mudavadi and asked him if he would be at Uhuru Park for the ceremony but he said he would not attend. I will never support him again,” said Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli.

Mr Atwoli termed the Amani National Congress (ANC) leader a "coward".

In December, 2016, Atwoli led other leaders from Western to crown Mudavadi as the community spokesperson.

“Moses, I apologise if I wronged you in any way. I am tired of supporting cowards. Mudavadi could have chickened out of the ceremony earlier than lying to Kenyans that he supported the swearing-in ceremony,” he said at the funeral of human rights activist Ken Wafula. He was apologising to the late Moses Mudavadi, Musalia's father.

Atwoli promised to call the region's leaders to review their political stand and plan for 2022.

Leaders present vowed to remain united and urged the community to sustain the tempo and produce a presidential candidate for the 2022 elections. Wetang’ula said together with Mudavadi, they had decided to stick together for the sake of unity of the community.

“I have talked with Mudavadi and we are in agreement that our unity will propel the community to top leadership. We will not allow few individuals to divide us along sub-tribes,” said Wetang’ula.

He claimed that in 2022, NASA leader Raila Odinga will not contest for presidency, allowing him and other co-principals to wrestle for the seat.

“I am ripe to vie for presidency. We will remain together until we liberate this nation. I am not a coward as people are saying but courageous as I am the only one who can face President Uhuru Kenyatta face to face,” he said.

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati said the community should unite for the sake of economic growth.

“I will spearhead the talks among governors from this region to work together. We want a united community ahead of 2022,” said Wangamati.