Mumias sugar hits the market after missing for months

Mumias sugar has landed in the market again. (Photo: Courtesy)

Mumias sugar has landed in the market again, several months since the commodity went missing from the shelves.

On Saturday, the company started a three-day activation programme targeting small traders and customers to buy sugar directly from the company. According to Moses Owino, the company’s Communication Director, the programme will sensitise Kenyans that the brand is back on the shelves.

“We had lost touch with our customers for the period our sugar has been missing on the market. We felt it is good to reach out to them to inform them that we are back on the market,” Owino said. He said the factory has been producing enough sugar since it reopened a week ago and there is more sugar in the store.

“We have enough sugar in our store. The factory is running and Kenyans are happy to have our sugar on the market again,” he said.

During the ‘activation’, one kilogramme of Mumias sugar went for Sh100 while a bale with 20 kilograms traded at Sh2,000. Normal prices for a kilogram of the brand is Sh130. A client, Mercy Luseno was among hundreds of customers who lined up to buy sugar from the company. “I have bought 15 bales of Mumias sugar worth Sh30,000 to distribute to women and youth in Mumias. We had missed Mumias sugar for long and we are ready to embrace it again,” said Ms Luseno.

Hamisi Waswa, a youth exuded confidence that revival of the firm will offer jobs. “It is good news to cane farmers, customers and locals because the company is the backbone of our local economy,” said Waswa while buying sugar from the company’s distribution agents in Mumias town.