WARNING: This programme is not suitable for family vieweing at prime time

Programmes on TV are meant to inform, educate, and entertain. But there is a programme in a local station, aired before the 9pm news which I feel does not add any value to its viewers.

It features murder, kidnapping, death, lies, abduction, fraud, torture, and deception. How did the editors who chose this programme, which is full of violence, expect it to add value to young children and the society?

In one scene a man is asked to shoot himself in the mouth and viewers are shown a blood-spattered wall. In another scene, three children are told that the man who raised them is not their real father!

This is unacceptable. We need more Kenyan programmes. Every year we have music and drama festivals featuring some of the best scripts. Why do TV stations not buy these and feature them for family viewing? TV has an impact on children. Violence should not feature on prime time