CS Keter names hot spots in fuel adulteration

NAIROBI, KENYA: Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter has named three towns notorious for fishy fuel deals.

He said Kisumu, Eldoret and Nakuru were notorious and soon state will catch up with the culprits as crackdown on illegal fuel depots has been launched

"Let's do clean business. As a Government, we are going to nab you soon," he said.
Keter said the petroleum Bill has delayed in parliament, and that if passed into law, it is going to address the illegalities once and for all. He said the laws guiding the petroleum sector have been very lenient, which made it easy for accused people to come out easily.
"In the new bill, it is proposed that the charge sheet will comprise about 20 counts. This means that if one is found adulterating fuel, they will have it rough," Keter said.
He added, "I want to tell you that your days are numbered. Anybody found will be de-licensed. We want to provide free environment for all to do clean business".
The Government also intends to digitize the fuel sector as a way of ensuring that stakeholders are served efficiently and effectively.
"We are planning to digitize depots to tame favouritism. If your track is number one, it should be number one. Currently KPC is in a position to load all trucks at the right time, not like before where they had a backlog of three to four days," he said.

The annual demand for petroleum products in Western Kenya is approximately 1.1 billion litres whereas the regional demand stands at 3.3 billion litres.