A man caused a commotion at Bomet town Central Business District when he drove the machine to the center of the road where the main street of the town diverges into four directions and jumping down to confront another man leaving motorists stranded.

The man said to be a long-term agricultural machines driver is said to have recently lost his mind but works fine whenever he is back to normal. The man was driving unperturbed when he saw the other man who seems to have recently lost his mind too kneeling by the road crossroads doing weird things.

 The driver shouted angrily, parked the tractor in the middle of the road and jumped down spoiling for a fight with the other guy to the dismay people who were busy carrying out their usual businesses in town. Everyone nearby left everything to witness the unfolding spectacle which left motorists stopping to find a way out of the jam fast building at midday in a town that usually has a free flow of traffic.

Administration Police officers on patrol tried to ask the enraged man what was up, but he could not have any of it. He told them that he could not be arrested because he was a law abiding citizen. According to him, there were so many criminals roaming the streets of Bomet yet the police did not do much about it.

The spectacle happened hours after a man was lynched by angry Bomet town residents on Tuesday night for allegedly assaulting a boy and killing him after the heinous act.

"Calm has not been fully restored in the town with some people thinking members of some community were being targeted with violence but those were unfounded rumors. People were angered by this particular man who did inhumane act. " said a shoe shiner working at the CBD and who witnessed the lynching.

He added that police delayed to arrive and could not save the suspect from the irate town dwellers.