Police arrest Nyeri woman over cold blood murder of boyfriend

Nyeri: A woman reportedly killed her male friend inside her house and dumped his body outside the compound on Wednesday night.

The suspect is also said to have locked up her seven-month-old baby before fleeing, neighbours said.

There were reports the suspect had differences with the victim, Joseph Gitari, before a fight erupted in her one-roomed rented house at Uaso Nyiro village near Endarasha town in Kieni West.

Some of the suspect's neighbours said they heard a commotion from the house at around midnight, which was followed by silence.

The neighbours said they were shocked to find Gitari's lifeless body about 15 metres from the woman's semi-permanent house.

The body had deep stab wounds in the chest and abdomen, which were suspected to have been inflicted using a knife.

Blood stains from the body, which had been covered in a blanket, were traced to the suspect's house.

Residents said they launched a manhunt for the woman whom they caught up with at Kwa Wang'ondu estate, about one kilometre away, as she reportedly attempted to escape.

However, police moved in quickly before the villagers, who were baying for her blood, attacked her. The officers had a hard time taking the suspect to their waiting car as angry residents attempted to lynch her.

The suspect is said to have spent the night at another woman's house after the alleged murder.

The woman, who is said to have accommodated the suspect, only identified as Kainyu, said she had no information the suspect had done anything wrong. She also said the suspect only arrived at her house early yesterday morning and not on Wednesday night.

"I left her in the house and went to take stock at the bar where I work. Along the way, I met the area headman who asked me where the suspect was. I told her she was in my house," Kainyu.

Kainyu said it is at that point she learned the suspect had killed her husband. She said the suspect had intimated to her earlier that she was not in talking terms with the victim, whom she accused of adultery.

Mr John Mwangi Wachira, the landlord, said his son called to inform him of a man lying outside the compound.

"I went there and when I checked the body, I realised the man was dead. His clothes were soaked in blood. He had injuries in the chest and abdomen. I informed the area chief who arrived with police," said Wachira.

He added: "I don't think she killed him and brought the body outside by herself. She may have been assisted by another person." Central Regional Police Commander Larry Kieng and area OCPD John Kemboi said investigations had been launched.