Kenyans are not embracing their artists enough

There is a saying that "kipya kinyemi ingawa kidonda". Congolese musician Koffi Olomide was schedule to perform in Kenya on Saturday at Bomas of Kenya, but this did not happen. He kicked one of his dancers Pamela Eyanga Bengongo and it was caught on video, which went viral on social media.

On 26th of July, police in Kinshasa went to his house and arrested him and now he will spend the next three months in jail as he awaits a ruling on prosecutors' request to imprison him for a longer period. Koffi olomide's promoter Jules Nsana is in depression, counting loses to the tune of 5 million.


Kenyan artists are rarely given a chance by Kenyans to showcase their potential, while they are willing to pay up to 5,000 shillings to attend a concert by a violent artist, leaving our musicians and artists to starve.

 Why don't we have monthly sponsored concerts for our musicians and artists both secular and gospels for them to appeal to the masses to showcase their music and talents. We only see and invite foreigners who come to practice “kung fu” fighting on women in Kenya.


This is a wakeup call. Let this jolt us into action. Our artists need us to support and appreciate their music. Look at Tanzania and Uganda, they worship their musicians and artists and give them support by buying their music and attending their concerts.

 In Kenya, we rarely embrace our local music; Kenyans themselves prefer listening to music from other countries like Tanzania and Nigeria more than their own artists. Leaving our artists crossed fingered to wait for an invitation so that they can perform.

Even advertisers are not left behind in neglecting musicians and artists when promoting their products. They will rather go to South Africa or hire foreigners to promote their products. Let us buy Kenya and build Kenya.