Two gangs shot dead in Mlolongo

Two men suspected to be aged between 25-30 years were shot dead in Mlolongo road today around 4.00 am as they tried to rob a personal vehicle. According to the police constable Mwathe J. Kambuluti, the owner of the car called the police help line while around Mkutano junction in Machakos, and informed the police that there was a suspected vehicle which had been chasing him.

“The target car owner called for help at around 3:45 am, by then we were at the camp and other officers were on duty. We laid our trap perfectly and caught them near Mlolongo as they had overtaken him.

They shot the cars, but before they broke the wind screen we gunned them down. We recovered two loaded pistols. I want to thank other officers for their cooperation and I want to send a warning that we will fight such incidences comparatively.’’ He told Kenya news agency. The two bodies were picked up today and taken to the morgue as the two thieves have not been identified.