Why do Kenyans prefer to invite Nigerian preachers?

Most religious crusade and meetings in Kenya cannot be complete without inviting Nigerian preachers. It looks like Nigerians have mastered the art of preaching more than Kenyans and it is a high time Kenyans were also invited in the land of Chinua Achebe to master and copy how these preachers preach and bring that expertise.

Kenyans should emulate the Nigerian preachers so that more Kenyan preachers are invited to preach in Nigeria. Since Kenyans have invited their Nigerian brooders more, let them learn their tactics. But Kenyans are also problematic. If a Nigerian preacher is invited they go in droves, look at the one who promised Kenyans that they will get husbands, the stadium had to be locked because many women flocked to the stadium.

Let our Kenyan preachers do more than only casting out spirits from congregations but learn how to preach like Nigerians.