Are University students liars?

Varsities are the most reputable institutions of learning in our country. Students here are expected to be mentally mature and thus capable of making independent decisions.

Freedom here is fully granted without limitations and thus students take the advantage of abusing it. They tend to forget that the same freedom can spoil them if they are not responsible and accountable for their own deeds.

 Students rarely practice the virtue of honesty and incessantly deceive their beloved parents/guardians on their whereabouts. Last week’s horrible accident along Kisii-Kilgoris road left me bewildered.

Parents receiving the tragic news that their daughters and sons had perished in a tragic crash was shocking, when they expected them to be secure in university premises.  Parents financially strife to sustain students in school and there is a need not to torment them. This was a lesson to naughty and reckless students who attend bashes outside campus without informing their parents and colleagues.

 It sounds ridiculous when you cheat your parent that you are in your cubicle when you are comfortably sipping drinks in pubs. Parents should teach their children on how to cultivate vital qualities like honesty and self-control as they grow up. Students again should learn that speaking the truth causes no harm because what happens without their parents’ consent is at their own risk.