Let us unite, because we are one big family

Kenya is a nation comprised of 43 tribes but tribal and religious affiliations should not chain us.

For our country to flourish, we should show solidarity and live like loving siblings.

I highly appreciate what our Muslim brothers and sisters manifested in Mandera County and thus avoided another massacre during this festive season.

The Muslims refused to separate from Christians after the alleged Al Shabaab militants ordered Muslims and Christians to separate in order for them to slaughter Christians.

Tanzanians have highly embraced unity and rarely identify themselves with their tribes. Kenyans would have been grieving this week but the Muslim passengers hindered this from happening and thus brought joy to Kenyans – a true Christmas gift.

The Muslims who avoided such atrocity deserve to be crowned heroes.

Despite our political boundaries, we should strive to live as brothers and sisters. I am cock sure this will play a vital role in ensuring peace, love and unity in our great nation.