Leadership is not the problem, our education system is

The most certain, unquestionable and a definite sustainable technique to transform our country is through education. Education remains the single most powerful resource that we have and can rely on as a country, that will spur change in this nation once and for all.  Our country suffers from vices that are a genesis of a system in place that lacks integrity and novelty. We can talk of corruption and mismanagement of both public and private resources as pro-genies of dishonesty. Unemployment, high tax index, bulging public debt as posterity of naivety, all of which can be curbed through education.

Youthful radicalisation and unemployment stand bold in the list as issues and vices that our education system has failed to address. Poor governance and bad leadership are just but a few of the issues that our education system has failed to curb.

What we need as a nation is to have policy formulators in the education sector to actually appreciate the purpose of education-to shape the future! Policy is all about the future. Policy formulation in the education sector should see to it that the curriculum is changed in a manner in which it is geared to tackle such issues. Education is dynamic; it can be changed to address emerging issues that affect a nation.  For instance, we can impart matters integrity in our schools, so that we don’t grow a nation of educated thieves. We can teach much more of matters health, HIV/AIDS, cancer and all other life style ailments, good governance in collages make it compulsory. We have quite liberal resources in the education sector but with a poor policy formulation.

Integrity and novelty can only be inducted among Kenyans through education and we need to change our curriculum to address such issues.