Emergency services in Nairobi city to go on as usual despite closure of some major roads

Emergency service providers have assured Kenyans that they will continue offering their services amid movement hitches occasioned by the visit of US President Barack Obama.

Though major roads will be closed to ensure smooth travel of Obama and other delegates attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), emergency services providers will access some of the areas that will be restricted.

The St John Ambulance said emergency teams stationed in different parts of Nairobi will move freely in case their services are needed.

St John Ambulance personnel give help to an injured motorcycle accident victim. St John has issued assurance that emergency services will still be available despite closure of some roads in Nairobi.


The organisation’s communications manager Fred Majiwa explained that they had received accreditation from both the Kenya and US security teams to ensure that they can access restricted areas during the entire period of Obama’s visit.

“We will be able to respond to any emergency like we would on any other day regardless of where the service is needed in Nairobi. Our accreditation will ensure that we will be able to access even the areas where the VIPs will be in case we are needed,” Majiwa told The Standard on Saturday.

A section of Thika Superhighway, Nairobi. The road is one of the major roads that will be temporarily closed following US President Barack Obama's visit. (PHOTO: COURTESY)

AAR Healthcare also pointed out that their services would go on interrupted with only three of their branches closing on Sunday; the day the US president is expected to be leaving the country.

“None of our services including the emergency services will be interrupted by the traffic plans but three of our branches will be closed on Sunday. The City Centre branch, the Sarit Centre branch and the Mountain Mall branch along Thika Road will be closed on Sunday,” Emily Kitui of AAR said.

The Sonko rescue team, which has in the past responded to emergencies around Nairobi County have grounded their non-emergency operations such as hearse transportation to funerals until after Obama’s visit concludes.