Teacher beaten after his ‘chips funga’ quarrel school cook

NAROK: A secondary school’s plans to improve their academic performance by providing teachers with free food went awry after one of the teachers was beaten by a cook right inside the school kitchen.

This incident occurred just weeks after the school, located in Narok County, celebrated the best KCSE results in years and among the recommendations forwarded to the board of management of the school was that the teachers who reside within the school compound should be served supper every day. This was agreed upon as a way of encouraging the tutors to attend extra classes in the evening and by extension keep the students checked. The school hired a lady cook to be preparing and serving the teachers food.

However the school’s healthy programme did not pick up well because a section of teachers took it a step further. While a good number of good teachers hang around the school, ate the food and attended classes, a pair of young drinking teachers were so excited about the free food but were not ready to attend the extra classes. Among this set of teachers is one young man who found the programme so apt for him that he started bringing along a mate for supper every day.

On this particular Friday evening, the English teacher who is known by his nickname Fafa, came back to school high as one can just imagine. Fafa tagged along with one of his speciality chips funga from the local Mulot market.

The patrons at the pub revealed that Fafa had kept on mentioning meat for supper though no one saw him walk to the butchery to buy some. It is thought that one of his bargaining powers rested on this meat that probably excited the obviously drunk lady who not only saw herself sated stomachwise but also a few hundred shillings richer in the morning. Little did they know that the school served meat and ugali every Friday and this is what Fafa was actually talking about.

Fafa is said to have staggered with his ‘catch’ straight to the school kitchen where he proceeded to demand for supper. It was well past eight o’clock and unfortunately for Fafa, there was no meat and all that was available was cold ugali and beans soup.

“What do you mean there is no more meat? You have eaten all the meat you hyena!” Fafa was heard shouting at the lady cook.

As Fafa’s mouth flowed with expletives, his equally drunken partner joined him and offered her fair share of dirty language.

“Unanyima bwa..na.. ya..ngu ny..nyaaama? No wonder hauna bwana. Bure kabisa!” Fafa’s mate slurred.

Finally Fafa unleashed a derogatory Kipsigis insult that hurts especially women. The moment he referred to the lady cook as ‘Korgoni’, he found himself on the wet floor being thumped all over. His drunken girl was also given the same treatment and within two minutes the pair had sobered briefly and was seen running away from the kitchen.

The school administration is contemplating reviewing the free food programme soon.

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