Border surveillance upped to curb illegal immigrants

BUSIA COUNTY: Security officers in Busia County have intensified border surveillance to arrest illegal immigrants who take advantage of the porous borders of Busia and Malaba towns.

In an interview with The Standard, Area County Commissioner Isaiah Nakoru said since the beginning of this month, about eight aliens of Somali origin have been arrested crossing through Busia town.

"Some of them were taken to court to answer charges of being in Kenya illegally whereas others were repatriated. People should use designated routes that are officially known," Nakoru said.

The county security boss said they are working closely with their Ugandan counterparts to ensure that the border is secure for travellers especially during this festive season.

"Recently, security officers in the county held a meeting with religious leaders and the latter committed themselves to form interdenominational groups which will help in fighting criminal activities," he said. "Spiritual guidance to ensure criminals reform is one of the vital tool."

He added, "Parental responsibility seems to be lacking and that is why youths are misbehaving. Parents should take charge of their children's action."