KTN Home: A rebirth of entertainment, welcome home to a world of delight

Attendees at the relaunch of KTN Home. [Roy Kanyi, Standard]

Having captured the hearts and minds of viewers since 1990, KTN has become an iconic brand in Kenya. With a rich heritage, KTN has recently undergone a transformation, introducing the all-new KTN Home, poised to bring immense delight to its audiences.

Refreshing a brand or product requires enhancing its chemistry, and in the case of KTN Home, the formula has been reimagined to strike a perfect balance, establishing it as a contemporary entertainment brand.

The new look is dynamic, refreshing, aspirational, and instils hope, truly embodying the essence of a home for entertainment.

KTN Home remains a family channel, offering an array of captivating and inspiring content across all platforms. Whether on a TV set, laptop, or mobile phone device, this brand ensures that homely entertainment reaches every corner.

The recent rebranding reaffirms our commitment to the audience, with a renewed focus on local Swahili dramas, telenovelas, brand-new Hollywood movies, talk shows, reality shows, in-depth features, and a variety of local programmes.

By consistently delivering high-quality and relevant content, KTN Home aims to make a positive impact on people's lives.

As an entertainment channel targeting young, fashionable women, KTN has chosen the colours purple and yellow as the foundational palette. The modified KTN icon ring now resembles a finger ring, symbolising a commitment to being the home of entertainment.

The slogan "WELCOME HOME" remains unchanged for KTN. The association of "Home" with KTN refers to the nurturing environment where our viewers reside, a place managed with love, care, and attention, often by mothers who are true homemakers.

It is the women who play a significant role in creating a warm, happy, and safe space where families come together to enjoy television.

Undoubtedly, your world revolves around your home. And within that world, the entertainment you choose to watch—the entertainment that connects, inspires, and cares for you—becomes your home of entertainment.

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