Shipping companies launch largest digitally-automated logistics system in Africa

A ship carrying Indian Navy officers after docking in Mombasa County on Friday 26th May 2023. the officers will leave the country on Monday 29th May 2023. [Kelvin Karani, Standard]

Logistics companies have designed a roadmap to address challenges in shipment and freight services.

They have now collaboratively launched the largest automated logistics system in the continent.

Shipsy service-automation, pioneer logistics company in Africa, Middle-East and South Asia are confident that this move will help expand their scope of services in Africa continent.

"The idea is to share our learnings in Africa invest in the region and partner with top manufacturers, retailers and logistics companies and help them achieve digital transformation which Africa is bound to witness in the next decade," Harsh Kumar, co-founder Shipsy said.

Kumar was speaking during Friday's limitless CXO Roundtable meeting at a Nairobi hotel.

The meeting brought together different players in the logistics industry including Standard Courier, Senda, Jumia and Amco.

"We believe Africa has a potential and probably globally with the kind of demographics, demand digital transformation which is yet to come. We want to make sure we are part of revolution," he said.

The roundtable discussion envisaged integration of the items and services that they offer into a system that is convenient to consumers as well as customization of software solutions.

Moses Ochola, general manager sales and distribution Standard Courier Services remarked that the partnership engagement with logistics companies is instrumental in realising value addition in the sector.

"Since we offer last-mile delivery to our partners, our infrastructure enables them to conveniently serve their customers and this forum is a platform to address the gaps we experience," said Ochola.

Apoorva Kumar of Jumia and board member- Shipsy also acknowledged the vast potential Africa holds for the industry that needs to be tapped.

"There is a lot of startups in Africa and especially Kenya and what we are looking at is to incorporate technology and launch logistics solutions in Africa," he said.

The forum cited dishonesty that they said creates trust issues between the companies and their customers urging the players to develop effective communication strategies to leverage on the problem.

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