Listen to Kenyans and withdraw the Finance Bill, Miguna tells Ruto

Lawyer Miguna Miguna at a past event. [Edward Kiplimo/Standard]

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has advised President William Ruto to withdraw the Finance Bill, 2023 and give a listening ear to the plight of Kenyans.

Miguna who took to his twitter account on Monday, May 29, to express his thoughts on the Bill said that Ruto should address more pertinent issues like the high cost of living and corruption first before proposing new taxations.

"Pull back. And listen to Kenyans. Withdraw the Finance Bill, 2023, postpone the implementation of the housing levy and return to the drawing board," Miguna wrote.

The lawyer, now a Kenya Kwanza administration advocate said it was time that the president hires independent and truthful advisors who will hold him accountable.

"Raila is gaining popularity because many of the senior government officials you have appointed are failing to engage Kenyans in a transparent, respectful and accountable manner. Do not be defensive and do not argue with the people," he tweeted.

On Sunday, Miguna said that salaried and well-to-do Kenyans have no issue with helping the vulnerable ones. But, that they do not trust the current government to be responsible for collecting their money in the form of taxes and using it to build affordable housing.

The controversial lawyer now says that in order to win the trust of those that put them in office, the Kenya Kwanza government should stop hiring and recycling 'incompetent leaders' and also put a stop to the perception that they are only hiring exclusively from two ethnic groups.

"Reshuffle your communications team and hire two or three fresh faces. Don't rely on yes men and yes women."

"The reckless talk about two shareholders in a country of 50 million people is political suicide. We must stop the downward spiral and steady the ship," Miguna noted.

Miguna Miguna has remained supportive of William Ruto and is very vocal at addressing and airing areas which the current government can improve on.

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