Former KTDA board members storm the agency's offices in attempted take-over

Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) building. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Members of the previous Kenya Tea Development Agency board, which was replaced last year, Monday stormed the agency's Nairobi headquarters in an attempted take-over.

The current board chair David Muni Ichoho, however, told them to hold their horses.

"There are several legal matters which have been raised regarding the Tea Act 2020 and the contentious removal of the board led by Peter Kanyago," the tea body said in a statement.

"All these matters have not been determined and currently board led by David Muni Ichoho is in charge of the business affairs of KTDA until all the matters in court are heard and determined," the press release said.

KTDA asked the former board to stop meddling with the operations of factories, all their subsidiary companies as well as the head office.

"In recognition of the rule of law, we request the former board to cease interfering with the running of the factories, KTDA subsidiary companies, and KTDA head office as this will interfere with the smooth running of the farmers' business," the statement said.

The tea body also said that it will not put up with any political machination aimed at destroying the gains made over the years.

"All political intrigues which are going to destroy the sector which has seen tremendous gains will not be condoned."

The current KTDA chairman David Ichoho said "that the former directors and former KTDA board members are persona non grata in all KTDA affiliated facilities."

The agency has assured tea farmers that it is committed to delivering on the business of making tea a profitable venture.

"The smallholder tea sector caters to more than 10 million Kenyans and should be treated with utmost care. We would like to assure our farmers that the management team and the board are committed to delivering on the business of making tea a profitable venture and they should continue plucking their tea and ensure that the factories are fully operational," the statement added.

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