Tech firm Shiprazor Partners with Standard Group Courier to Bridge Delivery Gap

In recent years, the surge in online businesses has spurred the growth of delivery services. Shiprazor, a delivery platform, has entered a partnership with The Standard Group's Courier services to meet the ever-growing demand for efficient delivery services.

This free delivery management platform, headquartered in the United States with operations in South Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius, assists both online and offline businesses – whether small or large – in streamlining their delivery processes. Sahil Affriya, the founder and CEO of Shiprazor, clarifies that the company itself does not handle deliveries; instead, it integrates courier services with electronic businesses.

"We facilitate integrations with various e-commerce players, irrespective of their digital platform. Orders are consolidated within the Shiprazor platform, allowing clients to choose a courier service that aligns with their specific needs. We work collaboratively within the logistics ecosystem to enhance the delivery experience and provide seamless services for merchants," explains Affriya.

Sahil Affriya: Steering Shiprazor's Innovation as Founder and CEO
Sahil Affriya: Steering Shiprazor's Innovation as Founder and CEO - Photo by Shiprazor

Established in 2022, Shiprazor has joined forces with Standard Courier to further extend its delivery service coverage. Standard Courier services boast an intricate logistical infrastructure in East and Central Africa. Consequently, the collaboration with Shiprazor offers an expansive infrastructure, enhancing convenience for clients spanning the region.

"The prowess of Standard Courier lies in its effective execution of last-mile delivery, cash on delivery (COD), and same-day delivery within major towns across Kenya," asserts Moses Ochola, Head of Circulation at Standard Group.

One visit to Nairobi, Kenya, was all it took for Affriya to decide on this business investment move. For him, setting up the venture has been smooth sailing. "I am pleased with how people are embracing technology, and courier companies are partnering with us."

Sahil Affriya: Steering Shiprazor's Innovation as Founder and CEO
Sahil Affriya: Steering Shiprazor's Innovation as Founder and CEO - Photo by Shiprazor

In addition to its partnership with Uberlittle, Shiprazor's standout features include user-friendliness and punctuality. Despite global economic challenges, Affriya points out that people continue to consume goods. "These needs are essential, and with the rise of the middle-class community, there is a substantial surge in such consumption."

Furthermore, the proliferation and affordability of mobile phone devices have driven significant growth in online consumption.

According to Statista, the e-commerce market is anticipated to achieve an annual growth rate of 6.03 per cent, resulting in an increased market value by 2027. User numbers in the e-commerce sector are projected to reach 38.1 million by the same year. "User penetration is expected to rise from 46.7 per cent in 2023 to 63.9 per cent by 2027," as per Statista findings.

Affriya remarks, "We have established ourselves in Kenya because we perceive a distinct opportunity. No platform has yet focused on collaborative efforts for last-mile delivery – this is an unexplored realm."

Expressing his enthusiasm for partnering with Standard Media Group and entering the Kenyan market, Affriya states, "I am impressed by the extensive network that Standard Media Courier possesses across Kenya; it's truly a remarkable and innovative concept."

Standard Group's Head of Sales and Distribution Moses Ochola

Moses Ochola: Leading Sales and Distribution at Standard Group - Photo Standard Media

Reflecting on the set-up process in Kenya, Affriya notes that it was relatively smooth. However, he highlights the dearth of adequately qualified courier services capable of providing these services. He identifies a need for more robust logistics infrastructure in the country.

Additionally, Sahil Affriya notes that the demand for delivery services is steadily increasing. A computer science engineering graduate with a Master's degree in Human Rights and Business Administration, Affriya embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in India.

He underscores the absence of a cohesive online community in Kenya where individuals can learn from each other and seek pertinent guidance, thereby uplifting e-commerce businesses.

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