Security firm ups technology in response to Covid-19

A thermographic camera. [Courtesy]

BM Security has unveiled technology-powered measures to protect clients and staff from the spread of the highly-contagious coronavirus.

For detection of the virus, BM is using fever screening thermographic cameras "with enhanced accuracy levels."

The surveillance cameras can detect fever symptoms from passers-by.

"The intelligent cameras have facial recognition and inbuilt alarm capabilities to detect individuals who exhibit high-temperature levels for necessary response reducing the risk of contamination," said the company.

One such gadget being used is the Fever Screening Thermographic Handheld Camera (TP21B) that detects elevated body temperature and has an accuracy of +0.5 degrees Celsius.

The gadget has a WIFI module and can connect to a PC or smartphone to give an alarm, once fever patients pass by.

One major symptom of the infection of the virus is fever.

At the same time, the security company partnered with Rescue.Co, one of Kenya's largest network of first responders to provide emergency medical evacuation services to staff and clients nationwide.

The company added that through a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) face detection, multiple targets screening can be achieved at the same time thus reducing false alarms.

Those found with symptoms will be taken to the Ministry of Health designated Covid-19 health facilities for assessment, diagnosis and quarantine.

The dispatch centre with a network of 500 ambulances nationwide and 50 within Nairobi will provide over-the-phone care, send the nearest ambulance and coordinate
the hospital admission.

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