Revealed: List of bank accounts frozen over NYS scam

Some of the suspects linked to the corruption at NYS during a past court proceeding. Accounts under their names have been frozen. [File, Standard]
A Nairobi magistrate’s court on Monday stepped up the investigations into the looting at National Youth Service (NYS) when it ordered banks accounts believed to keeping proceeds of the theft frozen for six months.

Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) investigating officer Frederick Musyoki sought the orders reckoning that the suspects could move the monies and frustrate their efforts to recover the stolen funds.

“Whereas it has been proved to me on oath that, for the purpose of an investigation into the commission of offence of money laundering and tracing of proceeds, an order of production to inspect the books of accounts relating to the accounts should be, and is hereby, granted,” the magistrate ruled.

Here is the full list of individuals and companies that now will under be the scrutiny of ARA and other investigating agencies.

The team will dig into the account opening documents, statements of accounts, and investigate cheque and cash deposits as well as withdrawals.

Equity Bank

 Lilian Wanja  Muthoni/Sahara Consultants

 James Thuita Nderitu

 Lidi Holdings Limited

 Lidi Estates Limited

 Ameri Traders

 Interscope Tech &services

 Flagstone Merchants

Company Limited


 Backyard Gold Agencies

 Planet Shakers Ventures

 Carol & Khan Ventures

 Junica Auto Spares

 Ngara Beauty Point & Salon Products

 Caroline Atieno Mango

 Robajow Venture

 Triple Beam Entertainment Africa

 Polykea Ventures

 Ino Gilanis Supermarkets

 Ino Johnwachira Wahome

 Rayman Limited

 Copybiz Stations Limited

 Renu Company Limited

 Rehana Latif Ismail

 Secuplus Traders & Deepcut Auto Repairs

 Deepcut Auto Repairs

 Dick Achieng Oneko

Kenya Commercial Bank

 Lilian Wanja Muthoni

 Njewanga Enterprises

 Kunjiwa Enterprises

 Jerrycathy Enterprises

 Ngiwaco Enterprises

 Kiche Ventures

 Annwaw Investments

 Kabira Ventures Company

 Winnie Ahere

 Soloh Worldwide Inter-enterprise Limited

 Namib Supplies

 Ngirita Wambui Lucy

 Jerrycathy Enterprises

 Ngirispa Enterprises

 Ngiwaco Enterprises

 Waluco Investment

 Ngirita Phyllis Njeri

National Bank of Kenya

Antonny Wamiti Makara

Arkroad Holding Limited

Red Eagle Africa

Stan Chart

Firstling Supplies Limited

Diamond Trust Bank

 Lilian Wanjiku Muthoni

Yvonne Wanjiku Ngugi

Millachi Africa Limited

Ajaa Olubayi & Company Advocates

 Zelgham Enterprises Limited

 Jelly Merchants

 Phoenix Capital Limited

 Clique Investments Limited

 Clyde & Associates

 Jackline Mutsosto

 Advance Quick Limited

Consolidated Bank

Ersatz Enterprises

Promptline Agencies

Kalabash Food Supplies

Eriatz Enterprises

 Cfc Stanbic Bank

Bernard Masiga Ayienga

National Bank of Kenya

 Antonny Wamiti Makara

 Two Accounts Belonging To Arkroad Holding Limited

 Red Eagle Africa

Unaitas Sacco-Micro Finance Bank

 Anne Wambere Ngirita

National Bank

 Roken Construction

 Antonny, Patricia & Catherine

 Antoine Enterprises

Guaranty Trust Bank

 Greenland Supplies Limited


 Angwenyi Angela Nyarangi

 Family Bank

 Fountain Gate

 Diligent Technical Services

 Diligent General Merchants

 Diligent Medical Supplies

 Diligent Hospital Solutions


 Jeremiah Gichini Ngirita

Eco Bank

 Bricokes Co. Limited

 Calabash Investment

Diamond Trust Bank

 Millachi Africa Limited

 Ajaa Olubayi & Company Advocates

 Zelgham Enterprises Limited

 Jelly Merchants

 Phoenix Capital Limited

 Clique Investments Limited

 Clyde & Associates

 Jackline Mutsosto

 Advance Quick Limited

I&M Bank

 Natal Dunes Limited

National Industrial Credit Bank (NIC)

 Dawman Holdings

 Spring Board Capital Limited

 Lukenya Earth Movers

Cooperative Bank

 Achunet Investment Company

 Jedah Supplies

 Ahelo Fredrick Nasiche

 Tunasco Insant Tttas

 Zeighamenterprises Limited

 Kamau Ezekiel Karanja

 Tegmen Trading

 Boalu Investment Company

 Phazirus Investments

 Dure Enterprises

 Bora Global Limited

 Lafrique Investments Limited

 Winnie Karimi Njuguna

 Peter Mari Njuguna

 Sambeat Investment Limited

 James Maranga Karanja

 James Waweru Gitau

 Nyagang’o Kennedy

 Silver Africa Tours & Safaris Limited

Credit Bank

 Tresco International Limited.

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