Kisumu County to build dairy farm to boost milk production in the region

KISUMU, KENYA: An Israeli Company is seeking permission from the Kisumu County government to establish a dairy farm in a move meant to boost milk production and lower commodity costs for residents.

The county has opened talks with Alefbet Planners' Livestock and Farm department to build loose barns for 10, 000 dairy cows and set up a feed manufacturing arm.

Last week another Israeli company- Raanan-announced it was putting up a fish and animal feed company in the lakeside town.

AlefBet officials said on Tuesday that they will provide comprehensive solutions for the dairy farmers, with tailored solutions to meet various climate, agricultural and geographic conditions.

Muhoroni sub-county, which borders dairy farming Kericho and Nandi counties, has been identified as a potential location for the farm.

The firm will set up cowshed for milking cows, dry sheds, calving pens, calves and heifer barns, milking parlor, treatment shed and veterinary a hospital, feed center and manure handling facility.

"We have established that the county has potential for producing its own milk and we want to encourage all investment towards this. We are already talking to rice farmers to embrace crop rotation so that they can also start soya farming to supply raw material for animal feed production," said County's Executive for Agriculture Henry Obade.

He said the government would offer a business friendly environment for any investor willing to invest in the county.