Three passengers injured in Air India turbulence

A preliminary analysis suggests there is no structural damage to the aircraft (NDTV)

NAIROBI, KENYA: Passengers aboard Air India are coming to terms with a severe turbulence which left three injured and jet’s window cracked.

According to Fox news, the plane was rocked by turbulence shortly after take-off as it reached 15,000ft and then lasted almost half of its journey.

“At least three people are understood to have been treated for minor injuries while camera phone footage shows the window panel ‘falling off’,” writes Foxnews.

The incident comes a few days after an engine on a Dallas-bound Southwest Airlines flight with 149 people aboard apparently exploded, forcing an emergency landing in Philadelphia as one passenger was killed after she was nearly sucked out a window of the plane

The engine explosion on Southwest Flight 1380 on Tuesday was caused by a fan blade that broke off, The Federal Aviation Administration said. The blast shattered a window, killing a passenger, in the first U.S. passenger airline fatality since 2009.