Landscaping made easy with STIHL EA brushcutters

STIHL EA Homeowners Brushcutter FS 45 in action designed for thinning between trees, bushes and shrubs in confined spaces.

Landscaping can be easy, just as long as you’ve got the right tools. STIHL East Africa has launched a range of brushcutters to help with day-to-day landscaping needs.

STIHL East Africa Lead Trainer Lucia Ayanda says the tools that are now available in the East African market consist of five models each designed to deal with specific landscaping work. The tools range from heavy-duty brushcutters to homeowners brushcutters which are well-equipped to ease the workload.

STIHL top-of-the-range brushcutter also known as FS 460 is used for landscape maintenance and care, as land and bush clearing. The tool is best used for mowing large areas of grasslands even in difficult terrain.

“The tool has a powerful 45.6cc engine for tough clearing jobs and quality polymer casing making it lightweight. It can withstand great impact and is corrosion-resistant,” Ayanda explained.

The device has fuel tank capacity of 0.75 litres, and an engine capacity of 45.6cc weighing 6.8 kilograms. It also has a 4 - point STIHL anti-vibration system to reduce the machine vibrations on the operator, to make them work for a longer period.

The FS 460 has comfortable, padded straps and a tool-free handle adjustment allowing 90° rotation for easy transportation and space-saving storage, and can cover a minimum of 6.4 hours to 9.6 hours per acre depending on grass types, saving energy and time spent as well as improving work quality. When the machine is running, a full tank of 750ml fuel capacity can last approximately 45-55 minutes during field operation, and 1-litre fuel efficiency is approximately 60-75 minutes, helping the user budget effectively.

STIHL EA Heavy-duty Brushcutter FS 460 in action, designed for Mowing large areas of grasslands even in difficult terrain.

For those working on light trimming lawn maintenance and mowing small grassy areas, the STIHL FS 45 is what you need.

“The FS 45 is designed for mowing short and light grass, trimming lawn edges, thinning between trees, bushes and shrubs in confined spaces, it has a smaller engine than the FS 460 with 27.2 cc engine capacity enough for light tasks around the home. It has a fuel tank capacity of 0.33 litres and weighs 4.1 kilograms,” she explained.

FS 45 is simple to maintain with an easy-to-access spark plug and air filter. It also has a loop handle and curved shaft for better control when trimming in tight spaces. The device can cover 1 acre in approximately 10 to 12 hours depending on grass types, using less time for more work. A full tank can last 30 minutes during field operation, with 1-litre fuel efficiency at approximately 110 minutes, making it efficient and economical to use.

The STIHL brushcutters have fewer emissions due to their modern 2-MIX engine for efficient fuel consumption making them environmentally friendly and an affordable choice with a  recommended retail price ranging from Sh91, 045 for the FS 460 to Sh24, 512  for the  FS 45.

STIHL East Africa also offers after-sales products to help maintain and service the brushcutters. The products that are available for purchase at all authorised dealer outlets include: oils and lubricants, high-performance gear grease, fuel canisters, mowing heads, mowing lines and grass/wood cutting blades. Protective gear is also available for safety and minimising hazards that can cause injuries and illnesses.  

With these high-quality tools, landscaping doesn't have to be tedious, but easy and fun.

About STIHL East Africa

STIHL East Africa offices were launched in August 2022, after The Stihl Group picked Kenya as its first choice to establish its second subsidiary in Africa.

The subsidiary will be its Eastern Africa hub servicing countries that include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi among others. Kenya is the gateway into Eastern and Central Africa and its Infrastructure allows for entry into these markets.

The firm is targeting the booming Agriculture and construction sectors in the region, as governments continue to increase investments in these areas.

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